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Friday, 29 March 2013

Cloud CRM Customization

There has been a lot of talk around regarding cloud CRM customization. Traditionally cloud based CRM solutions were less flexible compared to the legacy applications mainly because those were offered in a multi-tenant environment and any customization was likely to affect functionalities of other users as well. But, as more companies are adopting cloud based solutions CRM software providers are introducing more and more customization options to their products.

Today business operations have become more complex and it offers difficulties in customizing the software to adjust to the particular needs of an organization. Moreover, often the customization solutions are cosmetic and without really incorporating the changes in a business process. To change the situation, cloud CRM providers are offering easy customization options, which do not require extensive technical knowledge and can be implemented at user’s end.

Cloud CRM customization essentially allows users to:

  • Create, edit and delete templates
  • Create and add custom fields by simply dragging and dropping
  • Create interactive user interface with dropdown menus, check boxes and radio-buttons
  • Generate customized reports based on specific business requirements
  • Personalize dashboards

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